FENWICK & HOWARD of Bentley near Doncaster

Simply The Best — Fenwick & Howard of Bentley, Doncaster DOUBLE DISC SPECIAL Steve Marsh talks to Chris Howard & Rob Fenwick, Workhouse Lofts of Bentley, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The outstanding partnership of Fenwick & Howard was formed in 2005 when they raced young birds at their old loft location. Both Rob & Chris have had pigeons for many years. Rob from the age of 5/6, and Chris from his uncle John when he was 11 years old. In the last three years they have won five RPRA Regional Awards for Best YB in 2007-250 miles, in 2008-250 miles, in 2009-251 miles, 450 miles in 2009, Best YB in 2009, 3rd National RPRA Sprint Champion of the UK 2009. They also had 2nd UK 6th Best Sprint bird in the world Dortmand Olympiad, 1st UK 41st Best All-round bird in the world Dortmand Olympiad, winners of over 65x1st Clubs, 30x1sts Feds or Opens.
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*I OWN NOTHING!* Cats musical Growltiger’s Last Stand incl. the Italian Aria ‘In Una Tepida Notte’ Growltiger (Gus): Mark Wynter Griddlebone (Jellylorum): Iren Bartok The Crew: Geoffrey Garratt (Skimbleshanks) Guy-Paul Ruolt (Quaxo) Christopher Howard (Rum Tum Tugger) Neil Johnson (Alonzo) Vincent Leigh (Munkustrap) Aidan Treays (George) *I OWN NOTHING!*

20 thoughts on “FENWICK & HOWARD of Bentley near Doncaster

  1. where do your pigeons trap when daily loft flying? do they trap to their own sections or to the middle section?

  2. My racing partner & i have been using their system,and we were 4th & 10th fed with old hen’s..WALSH & RAJA…

  3. I’m sorry , but not all of us can get away with having a ramshack of a loft sitting in our gardens , some of us have neighbours who moan like fuck.

  4. You fly the pigeons, not the loft.
    Fanciers like these prove you don’t have to have tiled roofs, sliding doors etc. Good pigeons on a good system will win flying to any type of loft.

  5. yes they are deff genuine there racing results are there to back them up two very good flyers even if the lofts are a pile of rubble.

  6. Ha ha. Thats a good one. Seriously though, do you think these guys are genuine?

  7. They didn’t even film it for the DVD because the actor who played Asparagus/Gus (who also plays Growltiger) was too old to do the part. I wish they’d swapped this for Pekes and Policles though, it’s better.

  8. @makialink – you were right – holy crap!! that is amazing that Griddlebone hit that!!

  9. it`s not an official DVD so I don`t think Ebay would be allowed to let people sell it. but i could be wrong

  10. The one I have does. only missing parts are the overture (it starts straight at Are you blind…) and a short cut in the Skimble number

  11. I have this version on DVD…. much better quality!
    I had no idea it was considered as rare.
    This video was taken in April 1992 on a saturday Matinée. 15 people were leaving the show that night…

  12. wow, this is some extremely rare footage! thanks for uploading 🙂

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