5 Success Stories of Companies Who Implemented SEO to Improve Their Business

Regardless of the type of business you run, you might’ve heard of the term SEO. In today’s technologically advanced system, every company requires this as a way of getting their name out there. Google and other search engines change their algorithms almost every day and it is quote hard to be recognized amongst your several competitors. If you’re facing the same problem, look no further. Here are some cases that you can refer to as tips for improving your own SEO strategy.

5 Success Stories of Companies Who Implemented SEO to Improve Their Business

  1. 1.Belden Brick Company

This manufacturing company wanted to make effective SEO improvements to their company. In order to do so, they even went to the extent of hiring an SEO based company to assist them. Some of the things that they did were as follows. The company first wanted to start with the basic design of its company. The Belden Brick website had a change of header and footer. The SEO company worked hard in ensuring that the client received constant updates. They also made sure that they kept the website updated at all times. They also brought out a new type of campaign in order to ensure success. At the end of it, within a year or less, they found an increase in sales of about 85% which is saying a lot.

2. The Maldive Traveller

Tourism is a great sector and have found ways in promoting its services. One such company is the Maldive Traveller. They are a tourism company that initially had some issues with some SEO strategies that they attempted. After hiring a notable SEO company to help them, they put out some things that would help the business achieve the set goal. Fatbit Technologies first worked on researching hard about the tourism company’s past ventures. After that important step, they worked on improving the overall content that the website provided. Lastly, they came up with effective keywords in order to speed up the SEO victory journey. As a result, the website found an overall 40% increase in visitors per day. Hats off to the search engine marketing consultants who took the time and patience in actually getting to the root of the problem.

3. The Complete Plumbing Source

This company initially realized how important it was to have an effective ecommerce website in their name. They sought help from a well-established search engine optimization company and went from there. Looking at the current status of the company’s online reputation, drastic measures had to be taken. The SEO company began with researching effective keywords. They also worked on bringing out the best that the business had to offer and made Complete Plumbing Source mark in the online world. At the end of the process, CPS received an increase of over 2000% within just two years.

4. FedEx Delivery

Our next company is a worldwide courier service that originates in the United States. You’d think a business that huge would have everything in control. Well, think again. In order to successfully ensure more traffic to their website, FedEx took the initiative and used a local team to help them. They worked hard in searching for keywords and in bettering google optimization services. The result achieved was about 50% of actual traffic increase which is truly a commendable outcome.

5. Cavalier Ford Dealership

Cavalier Ford is a car dealership that is based in Virginia, USA. The problem they were facing was related to the lack of outreach they had on local customers. Therefore, they went ahead and indulged in the services of an experienced SEO company. This company made sure that Cavalier’s website was intact and every page was perfectly optimized according to the set keywords. After making several amendments to the dealership original strategy, they helped them achieve 119% increase in website traffic. 

Overall, these companies are great examples of what one can do with Search Engine Optimization. This online tool truly helps in taking your business to the next level and the above cases will have convinced you even more.